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Grant Pecoff | Adelman Fine ArtGazing into a Grant Pecoff painting, you are drawn into an atmosphere where vibrant light and electric colors transform the familiar into the extraordinary. Pecoff’s art is an invitation to slide into a state where we feel alive and awake, into a setting of passionate depth and radiating energy where our hearts and imaginations are filled with possibilities. Take a trip into Grant Pecoff’s art and share his vision of our magical world.

Pecoff paints cityscapes, coastal views, buzzing cafes, the people interacting in them and, always, the light. There are such amazing variations of color within the leaves of one tree, for example, the light filters through creating cool and warm greens complimented by the contrast of shadow and light,” says Pecoff. His expression of light as it reflects on water is particularly stunning. He makes the light appear as if it is dancing on the waves and recreates the movement of the water using electric blues, rich oranges, and fiery crimsons. His deliberate distortion of images as they are echoed on the water is whimsical and surrealistic. John Shore, editor of Décor & Style magazine refers to Pecoff’s compositions as dreaming-while-awake oil paintings.”A native San Diegan, Pecoff received his formal training at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. He soon realized that his real classroom was the world around him. When I was a child, my father traveled to remote places across the globe, searching for rare plants, Pecoff reminisces, His stories of those experiences were enchanting to me. He taught us to notice life around us and to express our feelings. It encouraged the development of my playfulness and imagination.” Pecoff has dedicated himself to traveling the world and finding the limitless inspiration everywhere.

In 2002, Grant opened his first solo gallery in the affluent beachside town of Del Mar, California, where he exhibited his paintings from his travels around the world. He then met and married his wife, author Layne Pecoff, and they moved abroad, relocating to a peaceful island in The Bahamas. His painting and travels continued, taking him to Europe, the Caribbean, South Africa, Australia, Central America, and eventually he settled down on the island of Kauai. In 2007, Grant opened his second gallery in downtown San Diego.

Grant’s work has been exhibited internationally and nationally, including museums and galleries in France, Spain, Canada, The Bahamas, Hawaii, and the mainland United States. His paintings have graced the covers of magazines, been displayed in movies, television shows, collected by professional athletes, actors, musicians, hotels, corporations, and are in the homes of collectors worldwide.
At the heart of Grant Pecoff’s talent is his ability to share the way he sees life with the viewer. His art calls us in and shows us a new way to experience what we see. Through Pecoff’s painting, he communicates he essence of a culture and helps us to feel the commonality we all share. Perhaps it is this expression of our universal similarity and oneness which have created such enthusiasm from collectors near and far for Pecoff’s paintings. As his work evolves, it is certain to continue to speak to us, to shape us and to influence the way we see our world.

Adelman Fine Art represents Grant Pecoff in San Diego California.


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