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I Dreamed a Dream

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Lucy Magee (b.1985) is an oil painter who specializes in a mosaic-style technique. She was born in Belfast in the north of Ireland and moved to California in 2015 after traveling around the state for several months. She fell in love with the colors, the weather, and of course her husband Alan.

Lucy had been painting commissioned portraits for several years until a trip to Barcelona, Pompeii, and Positano provided the inspiration to incorporate mosaics into her works. “Every time I would see one of Gaudi’s beautiful mosaics or the stain glass windows of the Sagrada Familia my heart would just sing! It was the same experience with the incredible mosaics of Pompeii and the exquisite tiled art of Positano. I knew I had to use this method to convey my vision.”

Lucy loves to encapsulate femininity with her paintings. “I love the beautiful flow of the ocean, the elegance of nature and how captivating it can be to see a woman embrace her femininity. I find it very powerful.” Her color palate includes a lot of pastels; soothing blues and greens, uplifting yellow, and NEVER black…unless she is using it for her acrylic-painted mosaic tile grout. “I have always been drawn to light colors and pastels. For me they are uplifting, positive, and life-giving.”

It can be quite an intricate process for Lucy to complete one of her mosaic paintings. “The first step is to take a photo of my desired subject, then I complete a pencil drawing on canvas. Next, I use acrylic paint to paint on the tile grout. The last step is to use oil paint to paint each tile, which is multi-dimensional in color.”

Occasionally, Lucy will combine realism with her mosaic style, which adds to the uniqueness of her work. Although she loves the process, it can take hundreds of hours to complete a single painting. “My favorite thing to do is to put on a great audiobook, have a chai tea latte on my desk, and just paint away for hours on end. I have an eye for detail and for me painting is like meditation.”


Adelman Fine Art is pleased to represent Lucy Magee and share her talent with collectors worldwide.


AFA: In a high school talent show, what would your talent be?

LM: “Drawing and painting! I used to win art competitions all the time growing up. My parents kept my first award certificate and it is so cute. I was 5 & the City Park’s Department had given me £5 for winning a coloring in competition. I thought I was rich lol!”

AFA: Which 3 apps are most used on your smartphone?

LM: “Instagram, YouTube, and Messenger.”

AFA: What article of clothing do you wear most often?

LM: “I would literally wear a summer dress, a sun hat, and wedges every day of my life! I very rarely wear trousers and most things I wear are light in color, feminine, & flowy.”

AFA: If you could live anywhere in the world for a year, where would it be?

LM: “My husband and I love Merida in the Yucatán peninsula, Mexico. I have family down there as well. It is a beautiful part of the world, warm every day, and there is a strong emphasis on community…plus Mexican food is amazing! So definitely there.”

AFA: You’re having a dinner party with 3 dead artists. Who do you invite?

LM: “I would love to invite Vincent van Gogh as I love him and it would be interesting to see his reaction to the impact his art had and continues to have upon the world. Gaudi because his beautiful work was one of the main inspirations for my mosaic style…and I think a successful dinner party has to include someone really funny, so I would invite the late comedian John Pinette as he was a real artist of comedy and such a kind soul.”

Art-related questions:

AFA: Which artist has been your biggest inspiration?

LM: “I love Gaudi’s mosaics and his use of bright colors that captivate and bring so much joy to their audience. I love Volegov’s paintings as they capture the beauty of femininity so well…and of course Adelman’s own Iris Scott; her use of color is so vibrant, uplifting and her work really draws you in! She has shown that it is possible to make an amazing career doing what you love, what you were born to do, while always remaining true to yourself and having fun!”

AFA: What do you most hope people will take away from the experience of viewing your art?

LM: “I want people to be drawn in to my art where they will spend a moment in a beautiful world of femininity, calmness, and positivity. I think that when a woman fully embraces her femininity that it is very powerful. It can captivate someone and stop them in their tracks without a single word being said. I want that to come across in my art & maybe inspire women to know that we all have this incredible power in us.”

AFA: How does painting make you feel and what emotions do you try and radiate from your work?

LM: “I really believe that art is my gift and that my purpose in life is to share it with the world, so when I paint it feels right; I know I am home. I gave it up at 18 in search of a ‘proper career,’ but thankfully God led me back to it. 

I have an eye for detail so I love when people take pleasure in noticing the details in my work. I want to convey a sense of calm, joy, and the subtle power of femininity. Interestingly, these are the emotions I feel when I am painting.”

AFA: Approximately how long does it take you to create one painting in your mosaic style?

LM: “It takes quite a while to be honest! At least 100 hours go in to creating one of my pieces.”

AFA: What is your favorite painting in the current TEXTURE exhibit at Adelman Fine Art?

LM: “I love Misun Holdorf’s ‘Vue de la Wisteria.’ It is so beautiful, feminine and calming; her use of color is fabulous!”

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