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Enchanted Forest

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Through the technique of gestural abstraction, Jessica Wright invites us into a world of enchantment: a world of forested landscapes that are sometimes burning and bright and other times shrouded in mist. Self-taught, Jess has been painting since the age 12. About four years ago she abandoned the brush—after more than 25 years of work—and hit upon a “throwing” technique that employs acrylics, chopsticks and, of late, her own hands. Her paintings come to life with color and texture—and an immediacy that produces an almost child-like state of wonder and awe in the viewer.

Jess plays with the line between realistic and abstract art. As one appreciator said, Jess’s landscapes provide a refreshing view of nature with a modern edginess. Jess’s fans feel as if they have created another window in their home that looks out upon a scene that touches the heart and stirs the imagination.

As she works to capture some of the most beautiful scenes the natural world has to offer, Jess is transported into a state of mindfulness. It is her greatest hope that her art, in turn, transports her viewers into a state of mindfulness and present moment awareness that fosters the intense appreciation for the natural world that she experiences.

Jess is extremely prolific. She exhibits her work through gallery exhibitions, charitable events, live painting demonstrations and participation in a variety of art festivals across the country.

Jess lives amid paints, drop cloths and canvases in the beautiful state of Colorado.

Adelman Fine Art is pleased to represent Jessica Wright and share her talent with collectors worldwide.

AFA: Have you ever been told you look like someone famous? 
JW: “Ashley Judd & Julia Styles. I think it’s the round face and far set eyes. My mother is Irish/French and my father is German/Lebonese, so it makes for a unique look.”
AFA: If you were a dog, what breed do you most resemble?
JW: “My dog Echo is a ginger-colored blue healer/Aussie Shepard mix. She looks related ;)”
AFA: If you could bring back any fashion trend, what would it be? 
JW: “All my favorite trends from the past I wear anyways! Trench coats, 50’s style dresses, Dr Martins, pearls, overalls, stilettos, florescent colors (on the slopes)…I wear it all!”
AFA: What is something you want to do this year that you’ve never done before? 
JW: “Learn snowboarding! I’m 2 weeks into it now. I decided on my birthday this year (47) that I wanted to do something out of my comfort zone. It’s definitely uncomfortable, but I’m getting it!”
AFA: What is a motto/quote you live by?
JW: “-If she/he can do it, so can I.
-Be perfectly imperfect.
-Be the change you want to see in the world.”
About the art:
AFA: Why trees? Do you paint other landscapes or content?
JW: “Trees seem to be sentient, wise, and have personalities. They are a great conduent to express color and feeling. I also paint botanicals, especially roses. I like the spiral.”
AFA: Are your works inspired by only Colorado or from other parts of the nation/world? 
JW: “I’ve been inspired to painted palm trees from Florida & The Caribbean, maples from Canada & San Francisco, blue spruce & Sequoia, and cactus of Arizona. Everywhere I go I’m inspired.”
AFA: How did you stumble upon chopsticks as a form of application? 
JW: “Pure necessity. I needed something to dip into a gallon of paint. Pencils and paint brushes were too slick. I had some chopsticks in a drawer In the kitchen (where I paint) and the rest is history.”
AFA: In regards to your art, what is success to you? 
JW: “When I’m finished and content with a current painting, it’s 100% success.
When I’m on a waiting list for paintings. I can just paint and it’s understood. Pure love.”
AFA: When you’re not inspired to paint, what do you do to get yourself in that headspace?
JW: “Go outside. I live in one of the prettiest places in the world, Beaver Creek, CO.”
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