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Christopher was not born into a creative family where one might find art materials or crayons and paper in a corner nook.  He began and continued his schooling throughout adolescence and on into university doing what everyone else did.  Mimicry became an easy way for him to relate to other children and young adults.  He found his way through the University of California at Santa Barbara still aimless but trudging through.  It was until his father was given 5 weeks to live that this other, incredible door opened up for him.  Christopher found himself drawing his dad just weeks before his passing amid the sadness and tears there was a silver lining of sorts.  The emotions turned into real expression and after just a few weeks he had enrolled at (LCAD) Laguna College of Art and Design in Laguna Beach.  The emotion and fire that he always had within him now had a purpose.

LCAD showed Christopher the fundamentals and in 2002 it became time to showcase what he had learned, only his mind had evolved.  He found that figuration and strict representational painting did not excite him as much as the raw emotion of abstraction.  Shortly after showing at Marion Meyer Contemporary Art in Laguna Beach, Christopher was at a crossroads.  Abstraction or figure.  Something or nothing, or what became the vehicle for everything.  He spent years showing at countless galleries in California, Virginia, North Carolina and beyond, but was still just treading water until he devoted all of himself to this otherworldly place.  That place became a world where something beautiful sprouted up from absolutely nothing.  It was pure, honest and completely new.

In 2016, Christopher was granted an opportunity to show at Laguna Art A Fair and has flourished for the last 3 years earning the Best in Mixed Media Award this last year.  He also was accepted into the prestigious Beverly Hills Art Show in May of 2018 and received an Honorable Mention for 3D Mixed Media.  His greatest achievements will be in the future and what was quite a memorable honor happened just a few months ago.  Acceptance into the Festival of Arts and being so close to Pageant of the Masters, the storied history, the backbone of Laguna Beach.  Whew!  His creations of burnt wood, sometimes metal, Oil Based Paint, intricately cut surfaces and great design have won over collectors here and abroad over the past few years and there is no end in sight.  Great things are on the horizon if he follows his truth and continues creating something from nothing.

Adelman Fine Art is pleased to represent Christopher Scardino and share his talent with collectors worldwide.

Q & A Interview:
AFA: If you won the lottery, what’s one charitable cause you would fix/donate a ton of money to?
CS: “Illiteracy disallows people from becoming all that they can. Most of the time it comes down to money and resources and some families and entire countries are not able to provide even basic schooling and this needs to stop.”
AFA: In your dream house, what is one weird room/feature you would include?
CS: “My dream house would feature a cenote. These natural sinkholes have the purest water and a very mysterious quality about them. If you travel throughout southern Mexico you see many of them strewn about where the Mayans called home and they are exquisite.”
AFA: What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen in nature?
CS: “If you travel along the Italian Riviera you will see natural beauty at its pinnacle. The way the rough cliffs jut out and then sweep back in to meet the boulders and clean water is just magical. I have been twice and will hopefully get the chance to be in awe several more times.
AFA: If you won $10,000, and you had to spend it gratuitously today, what would you buy?
CS: “$10,000 would be spent on a woodshop/art studio for my wife and myself. All the fixins 10K could buy.”
AFA: If you could be in the movie of your choice, what movie would you choose and what character would you play?
CS: “I enjoy movies with a great deal of realism embedded in them. Maybe I would be a middle age action star that launches himself from trains to planes and gets the girl, but is also hurt, in pain, in need of massages and some pampering just to get back out for the next mission. These guys get banged up, but they never seem to feel it.”
About The Art:
AFA: Please share your process with us. How do you create a Scardino painting?
CS: “My work consists of wood, sometimes metal, oil paint, cut outs to show negative space, and fire from a propane torch, but it all starts with box framing a nice piece of pine. Then, I usually cut into the surface with a jigsaw without thinking too much about the placement or even shape. If I start, then I can react. After cutting, I may burn, paint or start to fashion some hard wood that will be mounted on top of the surface. The process is never the same because I like reacting in the moment. The burning just happens in the moment. The fire changes the chemical composition of the paint and thus, the colors change. The painting either becomes more about the paint and color, the wood, or the subtleties of light and shadow that the mounted wood provides. Sometimes it becomes everything at once.”
AFA: Which artists have inspired you and why?
CS: “Top of my head, someone like Andy Goldsworthy springs forth. He was one the very first modern humans to use our natural landscape, rocks, boulders, water, grass and the soil to express himself. Creating something that could be washed away with high tide or tumble over due to the forces of nature is beautiful. Even though it is very temporary, it captures a moment in time that carries great emotional weight. I am not inspired by other artists. I reach inside and pull shapes and colors out and form them into cohesive expressions with an air of mystery.”
AFA: Tell us about the first piece of art you sold.
CS: “First sold piece had to have been when I started painting without knowing what I was doing. Chances are it was a made up figure it some sort of surreal environment. I am sure I let it go for very little and the quality was mediocre at best, but it would be a piece I would want back.”
AFA: Do you have an image or design in mind when you start creating a new piece? Or do you begin with one section and organically see where it goes?
CS: “My current art making is spontaneous and reactionary and 90% of the time I don’t have a sketch or much of an idea. I let the process unfold by making some bold moves and some that take hours to be sure about. Each ‘move’ allows me to then react anew to this new form being constructed before me. If I were to think of something concrete and create it, then that’s all it would be. I need to find new shapes and symbols and structures to call my own and only then can I consider myself an artist that is breaking the mold and new ground. My pieces show people how my mind works, not what I see.”
AFA: What is your favorite piece in the current Music As Museexhibit at Adelman Fine Art?
CS: “There is a piece called ‘Taking Flight‘ by Monique Straub that is mesmerizing. The way she balances composition, form, balance, shape and color and does it all with a very unique style is impressive. Even though there is a loud quality to the art, there are soft, quiet spaces that the eyes can get lost in too.”
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