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Hope Sparkles (Sweet Spot)

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Artwork Story
"The Sweet Spots are a new series I am working on that relates to a current time of transition in my life. For each of these pieces I am meditating on something that I would like to manifest in this new phase of my life. I know each piece is finished when a clear title comes to me that is the essence of what I want to happen in this new chapter of my life. 'Hope Sparkles (Sweet Spot)' is painted with many translucent colors - a palette of mystery. The focus of this is the aspects of life that are a leap of faith and the wonders that come from what can not be planned." ~Felice Koenig

Artist Statement

My work is a meditation on obsessive gesture. Each piece is made from more than a hundred layers of paint, producing seductive, tactile surfaces that despite their artificial nature achieve a sense of organic growth.  My painting practice is inherently peaceful and invites the viewer to see a record of a person working in quiet, sitting with their mind, exploring possibility.  The energy put into something as non-utilitarian as a painting is a most human endeavor, and the record of my humanity and my sense of isolation are inherent in the work.

The acrylic medium and its relatively quick drying time allow me to build rich surfaces that offer immediate gratification, and a record of choices that undo other choices. This is like contemporary life, which can be rich beyond dreams and offer much instant gratification, but is difficult to find roots in because decisions can so easily be made that undo other decisions. I find painting is a place where this contemporary overload can be reckoned with.

My artwork does not directly tell the viewer new things or bring together information in an enlightening new format, but instead processes the overwhelming known.  A field of undulating, highly detailed color records the noise that surrounds us, but between the layers there is whispering.  Maybe in the end it is whispering about nothing so specific but a quiet “what if, how, maybe, this could be possible”.


Felice Koenig graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with an MFA in 2003.  Her work has been shown widely in the USA and internationally in Germany, China, and Canada.  She has been collected by a variety of public institutions and private collectors including having three of her works in the prestigious permanent collection of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY.  She is a professional artist who lives and works in Buffalo, NY.


Adelman Fine Art is pleased to represent Felice Koenig and share her talent with collectors worldwide.

AFA: Do you have a favorite charity you wish more people knew about?
FK: “I Like local charities that give directly to people in the community. My favorite charity where I live is the Buffalo City Mission. They tell you exactly how many meals your money will be providing to people in need when you donate. For example, for every $1.29 one meal gets served.”
AFA: What is your cellphone wallpaper?
FK: “My cell phone wall paper is a picture of the inside of a tree of life bush. I love the tree of life as an image because it is beautiful and is represented in many spiritual paths.”
AFA: What was your first job?
FK: “My first job was tutoring. It truly is the job that set me on my life path to become an art professor. I love working with individual students to find the unique ways they learn.”
AFA: What is your favorite family tradition?
FK: “My favorite family tradition is playing music and singing together.”
AFA: What is one of your favorite quotes?
FK: “‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’ – Ghandi”
Art-related questions:
AFA: How many steps are there to your process, i.e. on average, typically how many layers of paint do you apply?
FK: “On average, there are hundreds of layers for every painting I make. Each new layer is a field of colored marks that covers the entire surface to some extent. Every layer completely transforms the piece I am working. For me, this process mirrors the way every moment in one’s life has the potential to transform the entire way one experiences reality.”
AFA: In what aspects do you feel you’ve grown the most as an artist?
FK: “I feel I’ve grown most as an artist in terms of my understanding of color – the way color interacts with other color. There are truly boundless regions of color to explore. Whatever I am doing in my work, I imagine color exploration will be a lifelong pursuit.”
AFA: Tell us more about your “meditation on obsessive gesture.”
FK: “I think the most basic way to explain that is to say that I meditate while I paint. I mix up a color and start applying it, and that is where the thinking stops for each layer. A layer can take from 3 hours to 3 weeks so as I continue to paint my mind is freed from mental noise, and I can just be.”
AFA: Do you collect any one artist?
FK: “No, I purchase individual pieces that call out to me. As far as collections, I mainly collect stones. I love spending time in nature and find the best souvenir is often a stone. I also love the beauty and healing qualities in gemstones and like to have those near me.”
AFA: Do you have any new processes with which you look forward to experimenting?
FK: “Always! Right now I am also working on a series of paintings called “Gridsongs”. Each of these pieces is based off of a song that really moved me, and I paint my interpretation of the rhythm and the lyrics in a grid.”
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